My Digital Presence

Since an early age, in school and even from my parents I’ve been taught to be responsible about what I put up on the Internet. Sitting on a wooden chair with the school library’s laptops shared between two students each, I remember our middle school librarian explaining how something you post on a website, etc. or just in general on the Internet is very hard to erase if at all. And to be careful when utilizing this vast resource. As a 12/13-year-old, the permanency scared me and I made sure to distance myself from making social media accounts, or really creating a digital presence from then on.

Now, in terms of my digital presence, I was surprised to see what I found with just a simple search of my name. Prior to that instance, I felt as though I was not particularly “searchable” on the Internet. I have kept my digital presence pretty private, or as private as one can get digitally. For example, my social media accounts like Instagram are set to private. And for certain accounts such as TikTok, I have made a username and profile picture that is not a variation of my name, nor contains my face.  However, when I searched my name up on Google, I found a link to my Pinterest as well as a photo in the images tab also linking to Pinterest. Other search results were social media accounts of people named Zainab Bhatti such as Facebook and Instagram accounts; Other than that, as I went page by page, I couldn’t find much else concerning myself on the Internet.

From the limited amount that does come up on the Internet when searching my name up, I feel it reflects me and how I want others to perceive me. Concerning the Pinterest, you can see that I have a couple of boards that are public, one of them concerning fashion, the other baking. If one were to do a more detailed search, they could potentially find some short stories I’ve written and submitted to a couple different websites. These are things that to a degree reflect who I am. My writing style may have changed quite a bit, but these are things I am not embarrassed about or regret in terms of how people could perceive me.

Creating this website will enhance my digital presence. I don’t have much of a digital presence to begin with, so this is a good place to start. It provides more information about me, coming directly from me.

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